Justin's wax modeling and Jewelry

I started wax modeling in the 1980's for a jewelry smith in North Hampton, NH. Her name was Yannula 'Yana' Blacy and she taught me her trade in wax modeling. I got pretty good at it and soon I was fabricating models with little supervision and developing manufacturing tools with Foredom Industries to make the wax modeling profession easier. The wax pieces below are examples of what I did. There were many other designs and models I've done for Yana that I have no pictures of.
Around 2002 I found it nearly impossible to find nice masculine, beaded, necklaces for men. All I could find were either too femmy or cheap. I met a women that did high end beading and this lead me to try beading on my own. The necklaces I make are durable and masculine with slightly larger beads than the norm yet not bulky. I stay with the earth tones and prefer the choker style of necklace. I've now acquired beads from Boston to San Diego to Muskat, Oman, in the middle east, to make my necklaces. If you're interested in a mans necklace, let me know and we'll figure something out.
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