This carving I call "Deb's Tractor". A customer, "Deb", asked if I could carve her father driving one of his favorite tractors (a Farmall 560, of course) with her now deceased Grandfather standing on the tractor's hitch. Her title for the carving was: "A Perfect Day". Deb supplied a toy Farmall 560 tractor to duplicate at 1.5 scale. She also supplied many family pictures of her dad and grandfather. Deb chose the shirts, pants, hats, expressions and specific details like her grandfather's watch facing inwards on his wrist. Carving likenesses are difficult, especially without a live model. With this pair I got the grandfather about 90% accurate. It is clear who he is. Deb's father was a little more difficult and I think I got him about 70 to 80% accurate. The tractor was also a chore. Every bit of it is hand carved from the tire treads to the spark plug wires to the seat springs. The wheels even rotate. I heard it wasn't easy keeping the kids from playing with it.