This is our 14th year at Topsfield. It's a 50 ton job at 15 feet high. Here
is my nephew, Chris, and his friend, Alex, who helped me with the
pound up. Luckily it was a nice day for it.
The theme this year was "Go Green With Us" so we did a lot of
leaves, "green" activities, Green Men, and power sources around 
the house of Mother Earth. This picture was taken late in the
day when the sun went down just enough to highlight the sun on the
top of the sculpture.
Here's Mother Earth. The "Listen to Your Mother"
line was a big hit with the Moms.
This is a little green man riding the water wheel that dumped out
onto the leaves.
There was a recycling green man on top pouring some trash
 into a pipeline. The pipe line went into the water wheel and the
water ended up here below where another green man adds more
recycling to the pipe line. Donuts came out the end. The donuts
is our annual tribute to the Sullivan's Apple Cider and
Cider Donut cabin. Good people.  
This is the front door of Mother Earth's house. The sculpture gets
lit up with green lights so the peace sign was for "Green Peace".
I can't tell you how many kids asked if the door really opened.
This is part of the corner cut with the tree hugger and the
snail mail. She also had a Farmer's Market on the side.
Of course there was a solar powered out house with a green man
being not so friendly with the recycled TP. You can barely make
out that the green men were wearing acorn caps for hats.

This is what the sculpture looks like in the crowd,
These next pictures are when we put the green lights around the
sculpture and the darkness settles in.
On the back we had the wind power, old world, wind mill.
We burried a yellow light under the chin of the Sun Face.
The sun was 3 feet across.