In May of 2010, Ted Siebert of The Sand Sculpture Company,
invited us to a sand job in Taiwan. It was at the island's biggest
beach and one of it's very few beaches, Fulong Beach. The pile
was 500 to 600 tons and 18 feet high. You can see we needed a
crane to get the sand and top forms to the top of the pile.
Here are some in-process pictures. Below it's about 1/3 done. All
the lumber was mahogany. They used 7 ply, mahogany plywood
for the forms and 3 x 3 mahogany boards.
My assignment was to do a King Kong figure. Here I'm working on
King Kong's hair. Kong was just about life size.
Here I am working on the back of Kong. This picture puts it all
in scale.
Here's shot from the foot bridge we had to cross over to get to the
beach from the hotel.
Here's another picture from the foot bridge. You can see there
are two nuclear power plants at the far end of the beach. This
picture was taken about 6 am.

These are two pictures of the back that the other other guys did.
The writing says "Jungle Book".
This is the end of one of the many long days.
Here's the Faye Ray figure in Kong's hand.
Here's a nice shot of Kong and the girl.
Here I am with Kong finished.

Here's a good picture of the front. Most of us worked on what
you see in this picture.
Ted did this great orangutan in a throne.
Here's the whole gang including "Purple Man", the guy in the
pink shirt drinking. He was great worker and an even better
drnker. He had is fortified, plum wine at 7:20 in the morning
one day. I refused his offer that day. It wasn't 10 am yet. Just
kidding. We couldn't understand a word he said but we managed
to communicate pretty well regardless. He was a great guy.
This is a good picture of the front.
Here's another shot of the side corner. That's a sculptor
fixing a cat's chin that kept falling because the sand wasn't
that great and the undercuts were too big.
This is the view of the other end of the beach from the foot
bridge. The mountain in the distance is a Buddha retreat that
has statues and monuments for praying all over the top. You
can also see the river inlet in the foreground.
Here's the foot bridge to the beach. The white buildings in the
distance are our hotel. This was our daily commute.
Don't ask why this fiberglass water buffalo was on the beach. I
just knew, though, it needed a good whoopin.