This serving tray was made for the Trustees of Reservations annual
fund raiser at the Crane Estate, Caslte Hill, in Ipswich, Mass. It's made of
mahogany wood and is 12 inches wide, 22 inches long, and 4 inches high.
The finish is 8 coats of gloss polyurethane.
Below shows the side rail with a bow and sunburst lines carved into the top edge.
Here is the center floret carved into the base which is 1/2 inch thick. The base
board is also two pieces glued and pegged together with the grain of each
board aligned for matched grain lines.
Below you can see the carved leaves on the end boards. You can also see the
 base boards with a nicely aligned, matching grain. This also shows the routed
edge of the base board.
Price: $825  Contact Justin Gordon at