Sand Blasters 2005   This was the first SandBlasters show on the Travel Channel show. There were 8 Teams from around the country for this unusual sand sculpting competition. After periodic segments of competiton time, the teams were sequestered and a team name was secretly picked from a drum. That team then had explosives placed under their sculpture and it was blown up. 5 of the 8 teams got blasted and were given a new pile after each explosion. The team blown up first got more time with a new pile of packed sand. The team blown up last got only 2 hours to complete a fresh pile of sand. Guess which team got blasted last? If it wasn't for bad luc, I'd have no luck at all. I competed with Ted Siebert of "The Sand Sculpture Company" from Chicago area. The promo for the show was shot using our second sculpture of two bears tied up in ropes around boxes of explosives. They blew it up and a huge rocket of sand was shot right at the production crew and covered all of them with sand. It was the greatest fluke ever unplanned.