With all the crap the obama administration (not capitalized
on purpose because he doesn't deserve it) is doing to our once
great nation, I couldn't sit and do nothing. A funny email
showing "obama's Cream of Crap Soup" came to me and the
face on it was hilarious and the inspiration to my carving below.
I elaborated a bit on the "Cream of Crap" idea with what you
see. This carving includes the following items of interest:
1) obama wearing an acorn cap to illustrate his roots, work
experience, and leadership skills as a community organizer,
whatever that is supposed to be.
2) GMAC being taken over by the government with the acronym
changed to "Government Mandated AlliancesCorp" and an
'obama motors' sign over the GMAC sign, with the bi-line
"We'll make lending easier for the little guy" as my personal issue
with GMAC who testified these words before Congress to receive 
bail out money while they messed up my mortgage so now my
once great credit was turned to credit crap.
 3) obama smoking a cigarette as blowing smoke up our asses.
4) In his 'left wing' hand a big bag of money for the banks.
5) In his 'right wing' hand an enema device labeled "Stimulus".
6) TOTUS: Telepromptor Of The United States, since this
device tells him what to say so must be the real president.
7) A Nobel Peace Prize medal at obama's feet to illustrrate the
new insignificance of this award.
8) obama standing on a US dollar illustrating how he's ruining
our economy and devaluing our currency.
9) obama standing on the American Flag showing how little
regard he has for this once great country. The flag also
has 57 stars on it since obama claimed he went to all
57 states during his election campaign.
10) The flag is draped over a brick foundation representing our
founding father's efforts and labors.
11) There's a sickle labelled "obamacare" sticking into a copy of
the doctor's Hippocratic Oath and the U.S. Constitution with a
judge's gavel also present representing the communist tactics
of obama's administration with the "gavel and sickle" and
how they're violating a doctor's oath and the Constitution.
There's also a larger bag of money labelled "obamacare"
which supports the sickle structurally and figuratively.
12) Another bag of money is labelled "Americans for Change"
which is obama's new group, replacing Acorn, that received
$105 million of taxpayer's stimulus money. For what and
what their function is, no one will say.
13) There's a nice framed portrait of George W. Bush with an
added sign claiming all our problems are Bush's fault. This
is for all the times obama passed off the problems of the
country (that he voted for while in the senate) as
"inherited from the previous administration".
14) There's a copy of an altered birth certificate for obama's
inability to produce his real birth certificate as any other
"citizen" could easily do, which is also required by law for
the office he occupies. Not sure how he got away with that
one. I thought a law was a law and we all have to live to them. 
15) Everything is mounted to a piece of native pine and it's all
mounted to a piece of mahogany from Asia, representing
how are debt is now owned by China.
This carving is not yet priced.
Offers are welcome.
Here's a picture of the piece in progress before painting
began. I had trouble finishing it at the stage shown below
as almost every week, something else would happen that
I could add to the carving. God help us, please.