These are some oversize decoys carved for the Maine Wildlife
Reserve in Rockport, Maine. They are to be attached to some 4
foot high boxes for outdoor displays at the reserve. The paint jobs
are to simplistic but a little detailed.
Here is the gluing process of the wood pieces cut to shape.
This is the carving step. Yes, it's messy.
Here's the Razorbill carved and sanded.
Now the pieces get two coats of primer
Here is the finished Tern. Note the bases are not finished. The box
maker will put a rock looking finish on the bases that matches the
boxes for uniformity.
Here's the finished Guillemot.
Here's the finished male Eider.
Here's the finished Razorbill. He stands about 26 inches high.
Gloss paint was used because of it's high durability outdoors.