Harrisburg Mall 2009
This job I worked for Ted Siebert of "The Sand Sculpture Company" out of Chicago;
  http://www.sandsculpting.com  He has this big 150 ton job at the Harrisburg Mall
and he hired me to help him out. The piece serves as the Mall's centerpiece for
Santa's chair at Christmas time. The picture below is the front of the sculpture
when I left. It stands about 18 feet high.
Here is the right side of the sculpture. You can see it's a collection of open and closed
Christmas books. Some are similar to pop-up books.
Here is Ted Siebert working on the back side.
Here is what Ted did on the back. It's an open book showing "Whoville" where
they are all gathered around the tree Christmas morning to sing.
This is the back left hand side. That's Brian Turnbough on the right. He's also from
the Chicago area.
I did this book and cover below,
Here's a close up of the scene.
I also did these stacked books with a little Santa or elf figure peeking out from
between the slanted books.
I also did the "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" cover and the flying Santa below it.
Here I did the open book of Santa flying over a few houses. I like how
Santa's sleigh comes from outside the book and into the book's page. This is my
Christmas card picture for 2009. Thanks for the work, Ted.