Hampton Beach, 2011, Sand Sculpting Competition

This is my entry sculpture for 2011. (the above photo was taken by Martha Lardent) I got
quite a few nice pictures of this piece so I just included them all below. The light and sky
were very cooperative for photos and Martha got some real nice shots so I pasted them
here also.

This next picture shows how much rain affected the sculpture. It rained 2 1/2 days of the
3 day competition and the surfaces facing up got textured a bit.

Here is the field of sculptures on the left side of the centerpiece demo pile.

This is a nice shot from low to the ground.

Here is the view from the sidewalk railing. You can see its height of over 9 feet. My title
was "And They Ride Among Us". It's a representation of how unpleasant our
government treats the citizens of the United States and they come from nowhere to
mess up our lives.

Martha Larden took this picture. I think it was photo shopped but I'm not positive.

In this picture I'm sitting in the background resting at the end of the competition.

This is my best picture with the blue sky and center piece castle in the background.

Martha Lardent also took this picture and I'm almost positive it was photo shopped.