This my entry for the Hampton Beach Masters Sand Sculpture
event in June of 2010. We're given 10 tons of sand and 24
hours in 3 days to complete our piece.  
My piece was a huge egg shape with the earth in the middle supported by
leaves and tree limbs, There's an ooze, like an egg yolk above and below the
earth. The over all height was 8 1/2 feet.
There's also a grumpy old man figure in front with his arms crossed and feet
buried in the sand. 
The title of my piece was "It's No Yolk" 
At the end of the 3 day competition I was exhausted. A friend, Diesel Don, got this
picture of me crashing at the final moment of the competition.
Here are some close ups of the old man's face. This face is about 2 feet
high from the chin up.
I won 1st place. The other pieces were great and once again I didn't agree with
the judging. I figured the guy next to me won it for sure because of his
technical points, height, and difficulty. Go Figure. 
Here are a few early morning pictures taken by a woman named
Martha Lardent. You can find her on Facebook. She got some
good lighting and nice shots.
 Here is my contribution to the demonstration sculptures which all the sculptors
participate in. This Sun/Moon is about 9 feet high.