These are pictures of my work at the Hampton Beach Sand Sculpture
Competition and demonstration, 2009. Below is my competition sand
sculpture entitled: "Whispering Oaks". I received a 3rd place finish
in a field or 12 competition sculptures. You can see more pictures of
this event at and the event was orgainized
by Greg Grady:
Here is an in-process picture of the piece developing
My sculpture stands over 10 feet high and was made from 10 tons of sand,
packed and carved in 21 hours. That's me next to the sculpture and I'm
6' 1" tall. Gotta love acorns.
This sculpture below was my work on the demo piles. I had to do
a likeness of a life guard that has worked at Hampton Beach
for 50 years. This sculpture stood 8 feet high.
Here is this guy coming together