Here is a tree carving I did for George in New Hampshire. He wanted
the heads of Mount Rushmore carved into a pine tree that had the top fall
off. Below shows the staging I have to build around the tree with platform
levels I can adjust. The tree was adjacent to George's driveway.
At this point I have finished the carving and had some sanding to do to
the rocks on the back.
Below is the finished carving. Since I finished in the cold weather,the
wood preservative could not be applied until the spring when the
temperature is warmer.
This is the back side.
Here are the faces: Roosevelt
And George Washington.
This is George next to "The Boys". He stands about 5 feet
10 inches tall and this tree is just about three of him.
While I was up there, George has this trail he built for his
Grandson. He had me carve a fist into a tree sappling up on this
trail. You can barely see a white spot next to a tree on the left
side of the trail just up a bit.
Here's the fist carving on the trail. It had a knot that George
wanted to be the thumb knuckle. So it was done.