The carving of a custom carved clock is where all the ideas, all the discussions,
and all the sketches of the clock are brought to life. It's basic really. This is where we take a
block of wood and remove all but what's in the sketch.
Having been a wood carver for over 34 years helps me considerably apply my God given
talent to do the best thing I do. First, a wood blank is cut out with a band saw in the shape
of the sketch. The carving steps now begin removing wood as neatly as possible down to
where the final details will be. The details are located and roughed in at first then rounded
off to their finished shape. Experience with carving depth from a flat sketch helps me locate
each detail to where it will best fit in with the rest of the carving. I prefer to keep each
carving one piece, but on occassions, add-ons may be required. The clock pictured above
was carved from one piece, antlers included, then mounted to a base. The rear access
door was also added. Other details like hidden compartments or drawers would be
added at this time also. 
The finishing process may or may not include staining or painting. That's determined
in the designing  step. The pieces get either painted, stained or just left natural. A clear
coat or muliplte coats of clear polyurethane finish is then applied. The movement and
clock face is then installed with the rear door hindges and latch. The last step is to sign,
date and number each clock we make for a clear historical record.