Custom Carved Clocks
By Elwin Designs 
Custom carved clocks are created by Justin Gordon. Design focus is on architectural aesthetics in order to create classic-type clocks as well as incorporating specific customer requests for personalized pieces. Only high quality woods are used according to each clock and the best look for a specific design. Clock movements are selected for reliability, accuracy, dial appearance and ease of maintenance. Commissioned designs are fully customized and our design process assures that your desires to create a timeless, family heirloom are met. Click on the "Design Process" page below to see how this procedure works.  Each clock gets signed, numbered, and dated and is supplied with all it's recorded developmental  history. 
View our Clock Gallery below to see our line of completed works. Click on an image to see an enlarged view.  


        The Design Process
From Concept to Life


The Custom Carved Clock Gallery

Clock #1
Clock #2
Clock #3 Crane Clock
Clock #4 Italian Garden Clock
Clock #5  Deb's Clock
Clock #6
Story Land Cuckoo Clock Ride