"Deb's Clock" is clock # 5 for Elwin Designs' custom carved clocks. A frequent customer, Deb, came over and asked if we could make her a clock for her husband Jim's Christmas gift. We sat and talked about what it should be and Jim, being big on hunting, soon became the theme of a tambour style mantle clock. Of course when Deb's around there's lots of humor in the room so it quickly became a sleeping hunter, with his gun, in the woods, with a 10 point buck peeking from around the corner. We then added family tributes, such as a gun for the each of the soon-to-be-a-hunter sons, with each gun initialized for each son. Deb also thought of an acorn for each boy and the oak leaves were also important to Deb. Kristie took all these elements and came up with a design drawing of this beautiful piece. After Deb's approval, the carving began.
Mahogany was the wood of choice and the clock's dimensions are about 14 inches long, near 9 inches high, and 4 inches deep. The carved top section is one piece of wood including the buck antlers with the base as another piece. There's also a hinged and latched door on the back to access the clock's AA battery. Once again we used a continuous motion second hand quartz movement. The metal dial is "Elegant Eurpoean" style with hinged metal bezel and glass lens. Between Deb's presence of mind, some design expertise, and my execution, we made something really nice; a true family heirloom. Signed, numbered, and dated.