Italian Garden Clock, Clock # 4, was designed by Kristie Haupt and carved by both Kristie and Justin. It was made for the Trustees of Reservations' annual fund raiser at the Castle Hill Crane Estate, 2007, in Ipswich, Mass. The figures, finial and movement door are all replicas of architectural elements in the Italian Garden at the Castle Hill Crane Estate. It is made from four different woods. The base is zebrawood, the shelf is black walnut, the background is cocobolo, and the finial, back door and figures are all carved in  basswood. The 4 inch diameter clock dial is "Elegant European" style with a metal bezel and glass lens. The quartz movement is a continuous second hand motion and is powered with a single AA battery accessible through the carved hinged door on the back. The dimensions are 20 inches wide, 14 inches high and 4 inches deep. Signed, numbered, and dated