Item Description



"Piercing the Sun" comes from a mythological story of Sagitarius, the warrior, who shot an arrow at the sun symbolizing Pontius Pilot's soldiers piercing the side of Jesus on the cross. The carving is made from mahogany and stands 20 inches tall, 14 inches wide, including base, and 12 inches deep. The base is a burl that was purshased at a local wood carving show because it had a nice look to it and I just had to have it, without knowing why. As it turned out, the burl was in the shape of a fish. This fit well with the carving's religious theme and the appropriateness of mounting it to a symbol of our Christ, Lord. The bottom of the burl is felt lined.
This is one of those pieces that sat on the work bench, was worked on when time allowed, and finally got finished after a period of 7 years. I wrote a story of this piece and how it "was finally finished"and sent the story to two national wood carving publications: Chip Chats and Woodcraft Magazine. They enjoyed the story so much, both magazines published it with photos and Chip Chats put its picture on the cover. The purchase of this carving comes with its documented history of design sketches, copies of the two magazines it appeared in, and a newspaper article about me that also occurred during the time it was being worked on. It also comes in a sturdy moving crate.  
                                                                 Price: $9975 plus delivery fees