Here are pictures of a drop point beam finial carving. A post and beam
addition was being built in New Hampshire and the center beam, where
all the supporting beams came together, was requested to have a
carved finial on the bottom point. The beam was 10" x 10" x 10 ft long
and it was delivered ready to install. Here are some of my design
submissions and #21 was the chosen design for me to carve.
Here are the results:
The wood was Port Orford cedar brought in from
Port Orford, Oregon.
To keep the wood from drying too fast and checking I
had to keep the end I was working on wrapped a wet towels.
Here is the finial stained and ready for assembly to the
rest of the post and beam ceiling.
This is the finial assembled to the ceiling frame.
Here is the ceiling frame installed.
The ceiling post and beam work then needed something to bring
together the post and beam architecture with the rest of the
kitchen architecture. The decision was corbels in the corners.
Samples were fitted and it was decided 'the larger the better'. Here
are the resulting corbels. They are 4 feet long and about 9 inches
wide made from the same cedar wood. Their design is a slight
similarity to the corbels in the kitchen cabinets.
Here are the corbels installed. It was tough to get a good picture
of them in place.